About 95% pink yoyos because the bearings aren't pink.

The 543

The 543 got the name from its specs. It’s 54mm wide, 54mm in diameter and weighs in at only 63g. It comes standard with a gold NSK bearing and takes standard 19mm pads. It’s an extreme design made from 7068 aluminium. Each 543 is engraved with its own number from 0 to 30 as only 33 were (and will ever be) made. 31 of them are engraved and the remaining 2 are unengraved and owned by me. Each 543 comes in a magnetic box with a certificate of authenticity, some stickers, and an Airetic string.


Collaborating on a yoyo with the person who taught me to yoyo is the most absurd thing I think I’ll do during my time making yoyos. Not only because it’s the biggest yoyo store in the world, but because AndrĂ© Boulay is one of the most generous people you could wish to meet.

That’s where the name is from, but I bet you want to know how it plays! It’s only 62 grams, 56mm diameter, 44mm wide, made from 7068 aluminium and pure joy on a string. Drawing from the 2 most popular yoyos I’ve ever made, the Monocle and Float, it plays like something you only imagined in your dreams. The Absurdity comes in our standard magnetic box with all the papers to prove it’s real, some stickers, an Airetic string and an yoyorecreation NSK DS Platinum bearing. It’ll be sold exclusively on the YoYoExpert store.


Release Date TBA


Send me a message if you have any questions, compliments or complaints. I don’t even mind chatting yoyos so feel free if you just want to talk.

Shipping Information

I usually aim to get packages out the same or next working day. Check out the OPYOYOS Instagram page for updates on if I’m unable to ship or not as that’s where I announce these things.

  • Orders inside the UK are shipped using Royal Mail First Class post. These usually arrive the next working day but can sometimes take 3 working days to arrive. This option is $5.
  • The first International shipping option is Royal Mail International. These usually arrive in 5-10 days but can take longer in some circumstances. This costs $15.
  • The second international shipping option is DHL International. These usually arrive within 2-5 working days. This costs $25.