Making a splash!


This is the first OP with a splash colourway! The Peach isn’t just a round yoyo—It’s the roundest yoyo, probably the most comfortable yoyo you’ll ever play with. At 58mm x 46mm, it’s large enough to fill your whole hand, and at 66 grams, its string presence is pleasantly noticeable. Like all OPs, the Peach focuses on both performance and fun—You’ll love it.

The Peach comes with a pink Takeshi string in a pink pouch to match your yoyo.

Splash Peach - $80


The Balloon is a yoyo that’s big, dumb and full of fun. An enormous 66mm diameter and 50mm width combined with the unique shape and light 63g weight makes for some very interesting play. The narrow catch zone helps with regens and unresponsive fixed axle type tricks while the wide rims make it soft to catch and provide a lot of stability. It spins slowly, feels light and allows you to relax and let the tricks happen. Everything you want after a long day at work where you’re too tired to use your fastest yoyos but you still crave that long session.

The Balloon comes with a HKMT Equipment Toru string in a pink pouch to match your yoyo.

The Balloon engraving was deisnged by Anne Marijn in collaboration with OPYOYOS just for this design. Give her a follow, she’s posts some great art!

Hot Pink Balloon - $100

Muted Pink Balloon - $100

Fade Balloon - $110


Sean won NER X Division!
Sean won NER X Division! 1024 576 Jordan

Sean won the X Division at NER recently and we’re super excited about it. We all knew it was only a matter of time before he started winning major contests and we’re so proud it’s happened. He put on an exciting show with some of the most genuine emotion you’ll see in any freestyle. Cogratulations Sean!

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Introducing Sean De Los Santos
Introducing Sean De Los Santos 1024 576 Jordan

We’re so happy to introduce Sean to the team. He’s an incredible player and a lovely person. If you’ve ever seen him play or met him in person, you know already. To celebrate, he recorded a video with his friend, Takumi Segi. Check out Seans incredible range of tricks (Including some soloham bangers) and Takumis beautiful directing and videography. Welcome to the team Sean, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Takumi for the stunning video!

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Balloon at the YYF Hangout
Balloon at the YYF Hangout 1024 497 Jordan

We hung out that the YYF HQ before the US National yoyo contest this year and Max filmed a bunch of people having fun with the Balloon for the first time. I hope you enjoy the fun video!

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Introducing Andy Dang
Introducing Andy Dang 1024 576 Jordan

Andy Dang is one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met. I was going to write a long post about Andy myself, but he shared something with me that I found much more meaningful: his personal depiction of his journey through the world of yoyo. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Andy, the newest sponsored player of OPYOYOS.

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54mm x 54mm @ 63g
7068 Aluminium


56mm x 46mm @ 62g
7068 Aluminium


57mm x 48mm @ 66g
7068 Aluminium


58mm x 46mm @ 62g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


55mm x 46mm @ 55g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


58mm x 46mm @ 66g
7068 Aluminium


54mm x 42mm @ 65g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


    Send me a message if you have any questions, compliments or complaints. I don’t even mind chatting yoyos so feel free if you just want to talk.

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