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Since I started OP, a lot of my friends have asked me to make an organic yoyo. I wanted to make one that’s very different to modern organic yoyos and make it as organic as I can. It’s big at 58mm x 46mm but it’s very comfortable. You’d think it’d feel heavy at 66g but it just doesn’t. It spins and feels so good, you’d swear blind it were a light weight bimetal. It’s the most organic yoyo I’ve ever made and I know you’re going to love it for it’s unique.

The Peach comes with a genuine Takeshi String in a cotton bag.


I’ve known and adored Abby for a long time so it’s no surprise I wanted to design her dream yoyo. The Typo is that dream come true. It’s a 54mm x 42mm 7068 and stainless steel bimetal designed to slay technical tricks. It’s small, it’s powerful and it’s comfortable. What more could you want?

The Typo comes with a Bad Wolfe Co string in a pouch to match your yoyo.

Hot Pink - $70



Introducing Andy Dang
Introducing Andy Dang 1024 576 Jordan

Andy Dang is one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met. I was going to write a long post about Andy myself, but he shared something with me that I found much more meaningful: his personal depiction of his journey through the world of yoyo. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Andy, the newest sponsored player of OPYOYOS.

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What is OPYOYOS?
What is OPYOYOS? 1024 576 Jordan

Only Pink Yoyos (OP for short) is the successor of Smashing Yoyos, my previous company. Smashing was originally a small company focused on making fun yoyos and bringing joy to those who played them. During the time that I ran Smashing, I made incredible friends, grew as a yoyo designer, and learned a lot about myself. Unfortunately, Smashing grew faster than I could handle. I had to disband the company but my passion for making yoyos remained. I spent some time exploring how I could continue to make the yoyos that I wanted to make, and what I found was OP.

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54mm x 54mm @ 63g
7068 Aluminium


56mm x 46mm @ 62g
7068 Aluminium


57mm x 48mm @ 66g
7068 Aluminium


58mm x 46mm @ 62g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


55mm x 46mm @ 55g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


58mm x 46mm @ 66g
7068 Aluminium


54mm x 42mm @ 65g
7068 Aluminium and Stainless Steel


    Send me a message if you have any questions, compliments or complaints. I don’t even mind chatting yoyos so feel free if you just want to talk.

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    • UK or USA orders are $5.
    • All other orders are $15.
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